Strictly Halaal Restuarants

My Favourite Strictly Halaal Restaurants

If only I had a penny for everytime i googled halaal restaurants in the Cape, I would be so rich right now.

So instead I decided to put together a list of all my favourites(Ticks) and you can comment your favourites in the comments section and I will add it to the list so that we can all save it.

Please note: Strictly halaal means that there is no Alchol served on the premises. So when recommending a place in the comments, please make sure that they do not serve alcohol on the premises and are infact Strictly Halaal.

My Favorite Restaurants Include:
Mo”s Dinner (Observatory) ✔️
Alhambra (Lansdowne)✔️
Saray (V&A)✔️
Mugg and Bean (Kenilworth Center) ✔️
District Cafe
Cafe 51
The Coffee Lounge
Larocca (Canal Walk)✔️
Ocean Basket (Vangate and Kenilworth) ✔️
Spur (Goodwood, Claremont, Ottery, Vangate and Observatory) ✔️
Dolce Bakery (Observatory)✔️
Tashreeqa’s done(Kroomboom)✔️
Sabria’s ✔️
Ala Turkish ✔️
Damascus ✔️
The Butcher’s Wife ✔️
Timbuktu Cafe ✔️
Rumi Cafe (Pinelands)✔️
Gordon’s Bay Coffee Cafe ✔️
The Happy Uncles
Nouveau Coffee and Grill ✔️
Serendipity Creamery ✔️
Bokaap Kombuis
Against the Grain Coffee
Bokaap Deli
Cafe Crave
Atlantic Express
Woolworths Now Now (Canal Walk)
Simply Asia (Rosemead)
Hello Free Bird (Muizenberg)
Sweetbeet (3Arts Village) ✔️
Vida E (3Arts Village) ✔️
Wembley (Belgravia) ✔️
Andalousse Morrocan Cuisine
Ciao Pizza
By Concept Cafe ✔️
Brocka ✔️
Panarottis (Kenilworth) ✔️
Pizza Familia (Gordon’s Bay)
The Sushairy
BustAs Foodhub (Paarl)
Tasca Mozambique

Don’t forget to save this list and comment below with your favourites.

If you are a Strictly Halaal Restaurant and not on the list, please let me know and I’ll add you 😊

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