Party Planning

For the past few months, I have been helping some of my family members planning their kids birthdays. For many mom’s I know this can be a daunting experience. Sometimes the budget is not there or you just don’t know where to get started.

Well, let me tell you something! There are plenty of ways that you can make an amazing party an affordable one. All it takes is preparation. Below I’ve put together some of my tips and a downloadable checklist to work from. The checklist is just a sample of what I’m using for the current party which I’m planning.  Hopefully, this helps you!

Ps: Please comment below with some of your tips and ideas.

Some Tips  

  • Plan at least 2 months before the time.
  • Draw up a checklist.
  • Usually, you get family members asking what to bring. If they do, ask them to bring cake. This way you don’t have to focus on making too many cakes for the adults and you can spend more time and money making the kid’s table look amazing.
  • Find cheap wholesale stores. I went to Giants and they almost had everything I needed at affordable prices.
  • Go to China Town for décor. They sell everything for much cheaper. (Ottery/Sable Square)
  • Try to make most of the things yourself. This helps in saving money.
  • Get loads of balloons. They are amazing as décor and what is a party with no balloons?
  • Research Pinterest for ideas.
  • Add streamers to give it that party look.
  • Customize as many things as you can to match your theme.
  • Shop around and look for specials on cool drinks, chips, and snacks.
  • If you hiring chairs and tables etc., always have a look on Wikideals or Hyperli. They often have specials from Limitless Events. It usually includes a lot of the décor which would save you plenty of time and money.
  • Always stick to your theme.
  • Plan your own games.
  • Candy Tables seem to be the latest trend. Instead of buying jars, collect them or ask family members to borrow you theirs. Everyone has glass jars!

If you have any cool tips, please add them in the comments below 🙂

Download: Checklist For Party

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